Sagar Mohite is a computational artist and an engineer based in New York City. His work has been an exploration in combining principles of design and computational sciences to generate visualizations.

NYU uses Adobe CQ CMS system for its website. Because of this, the developers and the designers have absolutely no control over any styling, spacing, typography, CSS, JavaScript or any other form of customization. Testing, redesigning and revamping the current Office of Global Services website, under these constraints, is something that I work on part-time at NYU during my free time. The office has a ton of important immigration data that has to be made available to the students in the most friendly, easy to understand manner without much technical jargon. We have been constantly working on making it better using small minor updates and agile methods. Its like trying to bring down a T-Rex with a marshmallow gun and at the same time knowing that its working.

My work here mainly involves updating the websites, fix usability/functionality bugs, design graphics, take photos. Here is a before/current shot of the website. The current version is live here.


OGS homepage as of Sept 2013

As of September 2013. Content all over the place, UI redundancy, hard to interpret contact information.



nyu ogs homepage

As of March 2014. Homepage now shows only upcoming important events.

Our team works daily to conduct monthly usability tests, make the content more concise, organize it logically and search+destroy functionality and usability bugs on our website. Drop in a word at if you wish to comment or bring our attention to anything on the site. Please note that this is a work in progress.