Sagar Mohite is a computational artist and an engineer based in New York City. His work has been an exploration in combining principles of design and computational sciences to generate visualizations.

Walkthrough for fabricating a 2 input NAND gate using two BC547 NPN transistors.


1 470 Ohm resistor.
2 1k resistors. (Alternatively 3 1k resistors).
2 BC547 transistors.

Simple schematic wired up in Eagle CAD.

NAND gate using BC547 NPN transistors

Here Pins 1 and 2 of the I/O header pins are Inputs and Pin 3 is the Output. I have used the Sparkfun Eagle libraries for my various components. Pin 4 is GND and 5 is Vcc.

Board Assembly

NAND gate board layout

NAND gate board layout

Post ratsnest and grounding.

Post ratsnest and grounding.


Sagar's EOS_20140917_19_03_52_Pro

Final Assembled Circuit

Sagar's EOS_20140917_22_47_29_Pro

Sagar's EOS_20140917_22_48_08_Pro

Sagar's EOS_20140917_22_52_30_Pro