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I was a Product Design Engineer on the founding team at Ardusat amd had the privilege of working on some exciting Space projects. I had the opportunity to work on the Ardusat Space Program, which aimed to make science and technology research in space accessible to students. It was a pretty cool project because it allowed students to conduct their own experiments in space on an emulated Arduino environment and see data directly from hundreds of satellites.

ardusat aboard a Spire Cubesat

I was working on building a data visualization suite to display the telemetry received from hundreds of Spire nano-satellites running the Ardusat software. It was a privilege to be a part of something that could inspire future generations of scientists and explorers. My job involved designing product experiences, creating user-friendly interfaces, and visualizations. I also led some design and product decisions that shaped the user experience and design of the educational features of our product geared towards students in STEAM.

It's pretty cool to think that thousands of students and teachers around the world and hundreds of schools used the Ardusat Experiment Platform (now called Because Learning Lessons platform).

Oh and another interesting project I built was Ardusat's Live Nano-Satellite Tracker, using WebGL. Check it out.

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