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Cover Image for Colorpress

Colorpress was an online tool and printed collection of grammatical portraits of various books, short stories, poems and other textual works.

These generative data portraits can be described as a pixelated representation of all the words in a book, color coded by various grammar rules. We also code occurrences of various characters and special phrases in each book.

We started out with the aim of creating a portraiture of an entire book to see what would it look like if each word was replaced by a pixel. The kinds of images that resulted looked like fingerprints of the original texts.

Here are some images of a printed copy of Colorpressed Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

WP_20141222_17_08_41_Pro.jpg WP_20141222_17_09_53_Pro.jpg WP_20141222_17_10_15_Pro.jpg WP_20141222_17_10_42_Pro.jpg WP_20141222_17_10_51_Pro.jpg WP_20141222_17_11_02_Pro.jpg