Sagar Mohite is a computational artist and an engineer based in New York City. His work has been an exploration in combining principles of design and computational sciences to generate visualizations.

[Draft Proposal for Automata Finals]


The Tectonicus is an automaton that responds in real-time to earthquakes occurring all over the planet.


Personal curiosity to realize how many tectonic plate movements occur in a day and how the ground that we feels to be strong and sturdy is actually floating around on the Asthenosphere.


  • Keeping the look and feel of the outcome autonomous and classic. In other words, even if at some point it is responding to a particular event, it should appear that it does so on its own accord and is not being told to do so by a microcontroller or any other device.
  • Keeping it small.


  • To be obtained as ATOM or GeoJSON feeds which are updated every 5 minutes from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) earthquake web service.

Possible iterations-

  1. Person shaking and falling depending on the magnitude of the quake.
  2. A world map on which a person with a hammer hangs. He jumps and hits the hammer to the location where the Earthquake occurs (location specific).
  3. A globe producing certain kind of an anthropomorphic response in any Earthquake occurrence event (neither location nor magnitude specific).
  4. A liquid container with the world map as it bottom. The liquid ripples near the epicenters. (location and magnitude specific
  5. A set of hammers hitting a hard clay block (again magnitude specific).